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Buy in-game offers at huge discounts
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Redeem game coins to other games or as crypto tokens

We are the foundation of a new mobile gaming ecosystem

where gamers own and profit from their in-game purchases and digital assets

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Bring the best
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We know finding the best players to your games is hard work. Joining our platform allows users to make in-app purchases directly to your games, with the certainty they can get their money's worth back either in other games or as crypto tokens. Solving the paradox of creating paying users in free-to-play games by a simple one time integration with OviO

The Team

We at OviO believe that the key to creating real financial value in gaming must be achieved by serving both gamers’ and game publishers’ best interests. We have created a reality where players can own and profit from their in-game currencies and assets, while gaming companies can benefit from a new revenue model, where their in-game currencies hold real dollar value as part of a secondary market, much greater than their closed garden economies

Nir Hauer

Yogev Regev

Shanit Hamo

Niv Nachmani

Orel Sror
Chief Economist

We’re changing
the game.

We provide any web 2.0 mobile game the capability to join the web 3.0 revolution, by integrating cryptocurrencies exchanges and NFTs minting as a service to mobile games. OviO’s platform enables web 2.0 players to transfer in-game currencies across mobile games using its mobile application. Using OviO players can buy in-game currency directly at massive discounts, send in-game currencies and assets across their social network, exchange transfer game currencies a from one game to another and ultimately convert them as OviO tokens (OVO).

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